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Erickson Stock is the premier source for high-quality, emotional lifestyle stock photos and video footage. With collections including business, travel, healthcare, family and many other image libraries, we’ve got more ways to tell your story-through stills or video. Erickson Stock Photography is the work of renowned assignment photographer Jim Erickson. For decades, Jim and his teams have generated thousands of images and stock video clips in order to supply our clients who demand super-consistent, assignment-quality, stock photography and video content.



To provide exceptional stock photography and video footage that captures the depth and diversity of human emotions. Our commitment is to deliver high-quality, unique content that enhances our clients’ storytelling and communication needs.


To be recognized globally as a leader in stock content, inspiring creativity and emotional connection through our comprehensive and artistically crafted image and video collections. We aim to continuously innovate and set the standard for authenticity and emotional depth in the stock media industry.


Jim erickson - founder and ceo

It’s not what you say, or even how you say it. It’s about how you make people feel. Telling a story in a still image is what I spent the first part of my life doing. Traveling long distances, enduring long production meetings, laughing with the crew and developing a rapport with the talent at lightning speed.

The world of a lifestyle photographer is charged with thousands of psychic moments. When you are the generator of emotions, the solver of problems, the calm in the storm, it’s a wild ride.

Exceeding expectations and good communications skills are the foundations of image making. Video is a bigger palette, a more engaging medium to tweak the viewer’s interest. Once I started shooting motion, I couldn’t stop looking.

Christine Christobal

Sales Manager

Alessandro Morelli

Frontend Developer

Juan Manuel Vargas

Photographer & Editor

Miguel Bello

Backend Developer


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